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 how to setup fiddler

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PostSubject: how to setup fiddler    Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:03 am

1. download fiddler
2.open fiddler  than click auto responder
3.after you have clicked on auto responder  you need to  (enable automatic responses) than click on
(unmatched requests passthrough) to enable it
4.leave fiddler open.than open your battlepirates.
5.after your battlepirates have loaded look in your fiddler (web sessions) and look for this link whitch will look somthing like this. eg....:http://bp-fb4.cdn.kixeye.com/bpfb/game/game-vxx.vxxxxx.swf
6.after you have found that link in fiddler you need toleft click the link than goto (coppy) another window will open than click on (just url)
7.after you have clicked on just url...there should be an (add) button   click that add button than the link should show in the box below
should look like this eg>>>    EXACT:http://bp-fb4.cdn.kixeye.com/bpfb/game/game-vXX.vXXXXX.swf
8.when you have done step 7. nowclick on the bottom drop box arrow than another window should open scrole down than click on (find a file)
9.after you click find a file  than you can click on your swf than click open. than click  the save botton on fiddler
now your fiddler should be ready to use
10.clean your brouser than restart your battlepirates game
every time when battle pirates is updated repeat steps starting from 2/10
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how to setup fiddler
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